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Calendar Tips for Community Members; Admin Tips & Scripts for Community Organizations

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Calendar Tips for Community Members -


The Calendar is searchable and will email you reminders of upcoming events or event changes, if you request it to. You can have it feed into your Outlook, ical, or RSS utilities if you wish. You can view all event categories or filter by category. For a quick tutorial, download or view our "Tips for Community Members": Ouray Ridgway Colona Ouray County Community Calendar tips Calendar Tips for Community Members & Visitors


Calendar Tips for Community Organizations -


As this project is maturing, please contact one of our volunteers or use the "Submit an Event" feature to get your events listed. We will help organizations with many events to add or update, to gain admin privileges to add their own events directly. Training is generally less than 15 minutes. To get familiar with the calendar and adding/editing events please view these tutorials:

Ridgway Community Calendar Ouray Colona tips Calendar Tips for Community Members & Visitors | Ridgway Ouray Colona Community Calendar info Calendar Info for Organizations

Any organization can embed the full calendar (just like on the Main Calendar tab) or any of the widgets into their own web site. You can also link to this site. To get custom scripts for embedding the calendar, list of upcoming events, Search Utility, MiniCal, and/or RSS feeds please contact Lynn Padgett ( You can see examples of the widgets below. You can see examples of the scrolling Upcoming Events widget, and Search Utility on the upper left of this page.


Calendar script options include IFRAMES and javascript, and can be customized to allow for a default view showing specified categories, or other options. Call or email and we will go over options and get you the embedding code you need right away.

List of Upcoming Events in Ouray County -

A quick look at what is happening soon in Ouray County.

You will see the first 50 events occurring within the next 100 days (on the upper right of the main calendar page). Click on the event title for more information. Check out this feature in the upper left-hand side of the CALENDAR page.
The List of Upcoming Events utility can be embedded by our participating organizations in their web sites too.

Calendar Search Utility -

Searches by key words, date range, distance, etc.

Click on any event title returned in the search to get more info for that event. The details of any event can be emailed to someone, or you can request the calendar email you a reminder ahead of the event. Check out this feature in the left-hand side of the CALENDAR page.

MiniCal -

A mini-calendar to show days/dates.

Click on any day that is bold/underlined to see the events for that day.
The MiniCal utility can be embedded by our participating organizations in their web sites too.


Town of Silverton Colorado Government

About the Community Calendar Project -


Ouray County is a vibrant area containing the populated areas of the City of Ouray, Town of Ridgway, Colona, Log Hill Mesa, and the ranchlands, wildlands, historic mining districts and ghost towns of the surrounding mesas and alpine areas.


Ouray County is benefitted by numerous non-profit arts organizations, museums, 2 natural hot springs, event facilities, lodging, restaurants, and two Chambers (Ouray Chamber Resort Association & Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce).


To help our organizations, governments and schools plan events without overlapping on others, we have built this community calendar. We hope this will become THE place to find out what is going on in our great County for community members and visitors planning trips. We can all thrive together! We hope this will be a valuable tool for event planners, citizens, and visitors.


This calendar can be embeded in any web site-- so rather than having multiple calendars to keep up with, we can all see the same one, live, from our community organizations' web sites. Participating organizations can also chose to embed an "Upcoming Events" scroller, a mini-calendar, RSS feeds or just link to this site.


Rather than have the burden of keeping up with so many active and important groups, that are essential to bringing the quality of life and array of activities community members and visitors enjoy, we anticipate a subcommittee of volunteers will update the site. This is easily done with a login and password. Others may use the "Suggest an Event" feature at the top of the page to submit an event to be added to the calendar.

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Town of Silverton Colorado Government

Calendar Contacts -


Lynn Padgett (Ouray County Commissioner, District 1) --

Email: | 970-258-0836


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